Environment & Sustainability

The management and promotion of the environment & sustainability is an essential objective to our business and we are committed to ensuring that we're using modern, eco-friendly techniques and technology to protect and minimise our impact on the environment.

CSR Policy

Through investing in research & development we are comittted to finding solutions to help create sustainable processes for the ecological production of parts. Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is an integral part of our day to day operations. 

At agemaspark we ensure:-

  • A commitment to continuous improvement in our dealings with environmental issues.
  • Recognition of compliance with relevant environmental legislation as a minimum level of performance.
  • The education and training of employees in relevant environmental issues and the environmental effects of their activities.
  • The monitoring of progress and review of environmental performance on a regular basis.
  • Recycling of packaging materials where possible.
  • The minimising of waste.
  • Efficient use of water and energy.
  • That we invest in research & development; pursuing environementally friendly solutions.
Working With
  • Seimans
  • Silgan
  • Alstom
  • Hardinge
  • Schlumberger
  • Rolls Royce
Proud Members of
  • Make UK
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