Plastic Mould Tooling

Agemasparks involvement in the plastic moulding industry goes back many years. We currently supply new mould tooling and modification operations to at least 6 local moulding companies and we offer a full maintenance and repair facility for all.

With our design facility we can offer a preliminary GA for approval within a few days of any order being placed. The products range from single to multi impression tools up and cold feed to hot runners. The caps and closure tooling range from 8 imp to 132imp tools these we supply the internal stacks from new sets to modifications and repairs to re-qualification of operational tooling. Along side the injection mould tooling we are a sole supplier to a local company for all there blow moulding tooling and equipment.

The type of equipment at AGEMASPARK and the experience we have in mould work has helped us offer a service to an investment casting company and we are currently helping them with their projects of modification to existing tools.

Working With
  • Seimans
  • Silgan
  • Alstom
  • Hardinge
  • Schlumberger
  • Rolls Royce
Proud Members of
  • Make UK
  • Made In Yorkshire