Caps and Closures Industry

One of our clients produce plastic bottle tops for milk and carton drinks also tops for the sports drinks market also some cosmetic products caps.

We are currently preferred suppliers for multi impression tooling components to one of the leading cap and closure industries manufacturers. Supplying replacement complete stacks for their 136 imps 96,64,32 and 16imp moulds. We also supply smaller quantities from 1off to 10& 12 off for trials and modification this also leads us to produce single imp prototype tooling on a regular basis, because we can help with short lead times requests for trials and repairs this makes Agemaspark an essential partner to Silgan Closures in a very demanding supply market.

Agemaspark also supplies components to their downstream production equipment most recently the upgrading of their foil punch and die tooling along with a product supplier for surface treatment we where able to change all their 6 sets 6imp punch tooling by offering them a solution to their tool life and maintenance problems. This consisted of changing the material used and having a hard ceramic coating applied 0.003mu thick to the tooling. This improved their production from a 48hr managed regrinding of the cutting edges to at present a 12 month run and no regrind only general cleaning maintenance, even when a regrind is deemed necessary the edge will be kept in place so prolonging the life of the tooling to many years instead of only a few months.

We also help with their moulding machine maintenance department with emergency repairs and replacement wear parts.

Working With
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  • Alstom
  • Hardinge
  • Schlumberger
  • Rolls Royce
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