Oil Industry

Our clients are an international company who supply component parts to the oil exploration industry.

AGEMASPARK are currently being used as a subcontracting source for EDM wire Erosion and solid sinking on various operations to some of their extremely complex designed components.

With our ability to machine such materials as INCNEL 718 and other various exotic materials used in this industry we have become an essential partner in their supply chain. We are currently engaged in the complete supply of over 100 sets of INCONEL 718 components because of the very small hole required and solid sinking details in the design, we have become very competent in the turning and milling of this very tricky material.

We have for several years supplied to a local oil Industry company as part of their manufacturing process on 10Mt collars a method of spark eroding an internal key way up to a meter down the shaft to a tolerance of +> - .05mm.


For some companies when they have problems in production of their components and at a stage where the value can be in the tens of thousands we have been able to help them salvage the parts, as an example we were contacted by an oil industry supplier of sea bed well heads with a particular problem a gun drilling operation had gone wrong and the hole had wandered out of position, I was asked to look at it to see if we could EDM the hole to finish the job. The part was worth 250k and would have to be scraped if this hole could not be saved. The request was to EDM solid spark an 8mm diameter blind hole 740mm deep to join up with a cross hole. We designed a bespoke adjustable electrode holder and using our Hurco 1450 EDM machine stood the component on the floor in a tank and began to erode the hole and 3 days later we hit the cross hole dead centre. So out of the box thinking helped us to save the customers component of which he was extremely grateful.


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