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In 2020, Agemaspark was approached for a reverse-engineering project to enable the blow moulding provider of a national milk supplier to carry out alterations on essential equipment. 

The reverse-engineering project, set by the blow moulding provider for a national milk supplier, was to create a full, reproduced mould whilst providing our 3D file to enable the client to ensure that further alterations are possible with disruption minimised. 

Using industry knowledge and expertise, the Agemaspark team took exisiting samples of the two halves of the mould, scanning them to process the data required to recreate the exisiting mould. Once this was completed, we were then able to adapt this into a 3D .stp file, enabling us to run this through our state-of-the-art SOLIDWORKS CAD software for re-production for the client.

From this, we were then able to reproduce a fully machined mould, allowing the client to make the necessary changes required, as well as providing a full 3D file for their records to ensure efficiency with future alterations and maintenance. 

Using our state-of-the-art equipment, we were able to recreate, reproduce and provide the necessary files to the client for ease going forwrard, enabling a quicker, more efficient alteration and repair timetable for the client in the future. 

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