Engine Alterations


The client, an individual looking to improve their motorbike, approached us to sample and produce a full 3D model of a cylinder head. 

We were approached by a client for a sample and 3D model of their motorbike's cylinder head, due to our expertise and ability to both scan and reverse-engineer the cylinder head.

The focus of this reverse-engineering project was to sample and produce a full 3D model of a Yamaha cylinder head for a racing bike, enabling the client to modify the internal elements of the part to increase the BHP (Brake Horsepower) to the engine. 

Using state-of-the-art reverse-engineering technology, we were able to accurately scan and produce the 3D model necessary for the client whilst also machining the external surface of the casting from our facility in Doncaster, allowing the client to then progress with the modification of the internal engine ports to increase the BHP to the engine.


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