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Sheffield Forgemasters

Agemaspark were approached by Sheffield Forgemasters, an industry leader in the casting & forging of steel components, to catalogue their extensive selection of Lathe turning tools.

The main aims of this 3D production & reverse-engineering project were to catalogue the clients' vast selection of Lathe turning tools, enabling them to introduce our 3D CAD file of each tool into their brand new simulation software so that they could run programs and trial runs, prior to the job going to the physical machine, improving efficiency & reducing waste. 

Using experience & knowledge gained across other sectors & industries we were able to then reverse-engineer each tool, ensuring that the tip & body profiles were engineered to an extremely high-tolerance, enabling the client to have confidence that there would be no collisions or incidents when the actual machine was in use. 

As part of this project, we scanned & produced over 150 3D CAD tool models for the client, providing them with the full & comprehensive service that makes Agemaspark stand out from other general precision engineers. 

turning-tool-1.jpg                 turning-tool-solid-model-3.png

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