Research & Development

AGEMASPARK has for a long time been involved with many aspects of R&D because of our close relationship with the machine tool supply market. We are often being asked to do first off trials of process and product manufacture for many companies.

The experienced staff at Agemaspark can offer many years of advice in both technical and practical matters related to machines or process. With our modern facility at Doncaster we are able to respond to the requirements of the very demanding time restraints and complexity of most R&D issues. If we cannot perform an operation, or the procedure requires a speciality supplier, then our extensive database can help us to find a solution.

Alongside our daily production our R&D fits in well and many local moulding companies use us to produce trial parts to fit into their production tooling. Also because we can turn round modification to the trial parts at short notice this helps them to keep production running but also helps them to move product innovation forward for their future designs.

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