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Medical – Using precision engineering to improve visibility in keyhole surgery

16th November 2023
Medical – Using precision engineering to improve visibility in keyhole surgery

Working with a pioneering medical device manufacturer we were proud to create a mould tool for a keyhole surgery devise that solved problems with previous designs.

Medical - Using precision engineering to improve visibility in keyhole surgery 1The existing designs for the Optical Trocar device, which has applications in minimally invasive surgical procedures to establish a path of entry for laparoscopic instruments, posed a fundamental problem – the support pin beneath the core, necessary to prevent bending during injection moulding, resulted in thick and thin wall sections. Additionally, the support pin left a hole in the Trocar close to the optical area, limiting its usability due to the ingress of body fluids inside of the Trocar that obscured the camera vision.

Our solution: retractable support pin

Agemaspark’s team of skilled engineers developed a unique solution to enhance the Trocar’s functionality. We designed the tooling with a retractable support pin, allowing it to be withdrawn in the final seconds of the moulding process. This ingenious design prevented the formation of a hole in the Trocar, ensuring seamless integration with the optical system. The result was a Trocar that could be used for a significantly longer period, empowering surgeons to perform intricate procedures with precision and clarity.

Unparalleled versatility: Yellow Port assembly

Our collaboration extended beyond the Trocar, encompassing the creation of the complete Yellow Port assembly. Our team engineered eight mould tools, including variants of the Trocar and the cannula with different diameters. These tools incorporated fixed half and moving half cavity inserts (these are outside of the component of the mould) and internal cores (these are inside of the component), making them interchangeable in each mould base. This innovative approach enhanced production efficiency and provided surgeons with versatile options for various procedures.

Mastering complexity: The Armour Hinge

Another challenging component was the Armour Hinge, a thin TPE material moulding with intricate profiles. This required a radical redesign. Agemaspark developed a trial tool with a breathable metal, enabling the escape of air during injection moulding. This innovative solution ensured the production of flawless, flash-free parts, meeting the highest quality standards. Subsequently, an eight-impression tool was crafted, incorporating additional enhancements to further elevate its moulding capabilities.

Transformative journey

At Agemaspark, we are immensely proud of our role in this transformative journey. Our commitment to innovation and precision engineering continues to drive us, as we work tirelessly to create solutions that redefine possibilities in the medical industry and beyond.

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