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Machining & Materials

Our modern machining facility here at AGEMASPARK allows us to offer a large variety of manufacturing disciplines to a broad base of industries such as the aerospace to the medical and plastics to exotic materials for single one-off items.
Machining & Materials

We can offer experience gained in one sector of industry to aid another in their requirements, these opportunities have been very useful when various problems have been encountered for example the use of wire erosion in some sectors of industry is commonly used but in others it is completely unheard of, it’s at these times we can offer a solution that allows them to re-think what they have at present and what could be achieved in the future.

In House Facility

Because of the in-house facility we can at all times aid our production and machining methods by adding fixture to machine which allows us to use them beyond their original scope and our ongoing involvement in automation for lean manufacturing this helps us to be competitive in all areas of our operation.

Again, the wide variety of materials that are presented to us to machine and process also brings is own challenges but it is part of our ongoing quest to learn and be able to give our customer a full and comprehensive service that makes AGEMASPARK stand out from general precision engineers.

Machining & Materials 1